Halcyon a hotel in Cherry Creek

Stay beyond, live well.

Stepping across the threshold of HALCYON’s front door instantly conveys the feeling of entering a friend’s fabulous home as a very welcomed guest. Warm, welcoming, and extremely comfortable—with considerate attention to the small stuff – HALCYON which debuted September 2016, is now ready to host, tending to all of the senses the hotel revolves around ensuring every creature comfort and taking it all up a notch. Korn riffed on the hotel-as-home thread with a brand strategy that elevates the concept and engages in surprising ways, richly layered, like the hotel itself. Unlike with friends, guests can never outstay their welcome here.

Starting with the name: “halcyon” has multiple meanings that in combination, summon up a new kind of place. Drawing equally from its definition as a mythical bird fabled to calm the seas and its representation of idyllic happiness, carefree tranquility and prosperity, HALCYON connotes a feeling.

The visual identity embraces this at its core. A curated collection of icons speak to nature, luxe lifestyle, fashion and living with ease, all intended to capture the essence of the halcyon experience –embued with the ease of Colorado’s lifestyle and the air and grace of a different kind of luxury hotel.

In parallel, brand messaging carried the concept forward, introducing HALCYON as  intentionally unhooked from the ordinary in all the best ways, extending an invitation to “check into this tony neighborhood and reside in considered comfort, among friends—seduced by an original idea of what Colorado living can be.” Likewise, brand touchpoints capture the best of this idea, deliberately crafted to showcase the emotive intersections of rough and polished, warm and gentle, social and quiet, juxtopositions throughout.


Korn’s brand strategy introduces compelling new concepts like a “Gear Garage” to give guests direct access to a test-run of the very best outdoor gear and gadgets or the opportunity to fly around the neighborhood on branded Vespas, bikes, and longboards. Doing away with plastic water bottles, filtered hot, cold and sparkling water, teas and snacks are available to guests on each guest floor.

Korn collaborated closely with esteemed interior design firm AVROKO to introduce an interplay of signature brand experiences throughout the interiors: leather pouches deliver guest information in the rooms while messenger bags mobilize check-ins via Halcyon Hosts who welcome guests in and gather around the “kitchen counter” to take care of all that matters and serve up everyone’s pleasure.

From its seductive lobby to its rooftop perch to the hideaway of the guestrooms, or a zen spot of one’s own finding, HALCYON is luxurious, inviting, modern—comfortably simple and simply beautiful. Like the flock of birds that fly free within the visual identity system, everywhere the air of ease is palpable. Both a world-class retreat and intimate playground – nestled in Denver’s chicest neighborhood by design – guests revel in each exceptional detail. The pull of Halcyon A Hotel in Cherry Creek is magnetic and magical. A most intriguing friend.


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