Where in the World is Andy?

When Korn relaunched the DuVine brand into the world, we fully expected it to fly. What we didn’t expect is that it would ride, eat, and drink in life so voraciously. Andy Levine of DuVine Cycling + Adventure Co has been traveling around in his DuVine gear and blogging every step of the way- bringing the brand to a global stage. Andy is truly living the DuVine way. His amazing travels (and antics) always keep his thousands of newfound loyalists coming back for more. Check out DuVine, grab your bike, and get on the road! 

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This Way Forward!

Embodying the trailblazing spirit of Boston’s new Innovation District, The Envoy Hotel arrived in late June 2015 as a bold modern stamp of independence on the Waterfront District’s map. Korn Design led the charge, creating an immersive brand experience true to the Envoy’s abiding watchwords, “This Way Forward.” Part homage to the creative community that surrounds it, part ode to the inspirational neighborhood it calls home, The Envoy Hotel ascends—a new genre of hospitality cast in a very original way.

We love to travel!

January 30, 2013- Earlier in January, we took a trip to Las Vegas and Nashville to visit our newest client’s restaurant locations. As part of our research and discovery process, we quickly immersed ourselves in the local culture, and as always, came back with loads of inspiration, fresh ideas and a ton of photos!
Las Vegas left us energized and inspired by the vibrant night culture, its hip new hotel lobbies and edgy designer store fronts and their interiors. In Nashville, we felt the southern hospitality and danced to the local music scene spilling out onto “honkey tonk” road.
Our camera’s memory card tells a story of the found vernacular typography, flashing neon signage, and the new angles and textures we came across.

Wonders of the Alhambra

Last spring, I was fortunate to visit the awe-inspiring Alhambra, a palace and fortress complex in Granada, Spain.

It was Constructed during the mid 10th century by the Berber ruler, Badis ben Habus, and sits magnificently atop the hill of Assabica. Its terraces, courtyards, passages and other spaces are adorned by mesmerizingly intricate calligraphic patterns. An endless reproduction of undulating calligraphy and delicate arabesques represent the beauty of Paradise itself.

Gardens filled with roses, oranges and myrtles, and the sound of running water from countless fountains and cascades complete the experience and transport you to a far away and exotic time.

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