About Us

For 25 years Korn Design was a renowned world-class brand strategy, design, and lifestyle marketing firm dedicated to crafting fearless brands for hospitality, real estate, and culture. Finding and boldly unleashing the essential brand truths that allowed each project to stand with purpose and discover its limitless potential – to be legendary from the start.


What We Do


A brand’s potential is proportionate to the vision that drives it. We seek and find each brand’s truth in purpose – the origins of its passion points. Korn excels in cultivating holistic brands that draw from their place, stand with meaning, celebrate their distinctive character, and powerfully connect with people – brands that are fearless, bold and true. In short, we allow brands to be themselves, bravely. From here, the possibility is limitless.


Who We Do It For


We partner and work with clients who are courageous, passionate, and driven to enhance their business proposition by leveraging their brand as the core of their narrative, the heart of the places they build, and the catalyst of the experiences they promote. Wired like us, our clients recognize the remarkable social value of placemaking, and the integral role of Korn Design as a collaborative strategic partner to bring this all to bear.


What Defines Us, Differently


Amidst the chaos of opinion that challenges most organizations, strategy is the great differentiator – the axis of change. A great brand strategy gives meaning to an organization – it sets the direction and drives decision making. At Korn Design, 25 years of strategic insight and a conviction to our craft define our work, and the everlasting character of the brands we’ve shaped across the hospitality, real estate, culture, and luxury lifestyle sectors. Thanks to their strong strategic underpinning, our brands are authentic, immersive and experiential – and above all, a lucrative investment.


Korn Design’s projects need little introduction. Many are iconic brands: The Palm, The Liberty, The Mayflower – many others, are destined to join them. All with good reason. There’s an enduring quality to our brands – a smart, sophisticated and timeless signature that separates them from the pack. And is realized in a million meticulous details. We’ve made it our mission to create brands that are legendary, and results that are lasting.


With an end-game of finding the limitless potential of every brand, we take the road less traveled. Digging deeply to find each brand’s individual truth, we boldly free it across multi-layered solutions. Deftly intertwining strategy with design. Behind the curtain of what clients call “the intangible quality of our work” are innovations rooted in a thoughtful conceptual process and sparked by the unexpected. Transformative ideas that reflect their strategic underpinning – and the integrity of our visionary clients.


The way people experience a brand is the brand. Our work is catalyzed by the value of this emotional currency, allowing us to articulate, create, produce and deliver indelible brand experiences that engage all the senses. We study human factors and human behavior as we work to solve brand problems by integrating experiences that create emotional connections with messages that resonate. Our extensive background in lifestyle communications, fashion, and entertainment—the ways that people eat, play, travel, learn, communicate, and live in the world—informs all of our projects. Korn’s work inspires by integrating both unexpected and enduring qualities – inviting human engagement at its core.


Korn Design is innately attuned to each venture’s vision as part of an enterprise’s path.
We are creative pragmatists – and use our master understanding of the business goals and objectives at hand as a brilliant canvas to create with. We know that an inspired brand strategy gives meaning to the entire success of the vision – it sets the direction and drives decision making. It shepherds tactics and motivates engagement. It moves chaos to clarity and supports breakthrough improvements in performance. Our work is not just noticed, it performs, making ROI the greatest metric of our success.



    • Brand Strategy
    • Brand Audit
    • Qualitative Research
    • Brand Experience Mapping
    • Strategy Workshops
    • Positioning Workshops
    • Digital Strategy
    • Integration Across Platforms: Visual, Digital, Environmental, Experiential
    • Content Strategy & Approach
    • Hospitality Experience Consulting



  • Web Design
  • Social Media
  • URL Securing & Protecting
  • SEO
  • Mobile
  • Content Development: Copywriting, Photography & Video
  • Art Direction


    • Visual Identity
    • Naming
    • Verbal Identity & Storytelling:
      Messaging, Copywriting
    • Proprietary Image Suite:
      Photography, Video
    • Brand Launch & Rollout Planning
    • Brand Management
    • Art Direction
    • Placemaking & Signage
    • Environmental Design
    • Packaging



  • Integrated Marketing Strategy & Planning
  • Advertising: Print & Digital
  • Alliances & Partnerships
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Print
  • Digital Presentations for Investors, Partners & Media
  • Press Materials
  • VIP Gifting & Promotions