Triangle is a nationally recognized organization that, through support, challenge and opportunity, works to empower people with disabilities and their families to live rich, fulfilling lives. Korn was tasked with both refreshing Triangle’s brand identity and crafting a comprehensive disabilities awareness campaign.

The new identity clearly visualizes Triangle’s primary message: we are all people with ability. The accompanying graphic system highlights the vibrant, accessible, and friendly tones of this beloved organization.

Subsequently, Korn and Triangle launched a comprehensive awareness campaign across the city of Boston, focusing on highly visible MBTA bus and subway lines. The campaign is supported by a dedicated microsite and extension to social media.

The primary goal of the awareness campaign was to challenge core misperceptions of people with a wide range of disabilities. Korn did extensive research into the psychology behind the most common misperceptions, and tactics that social scientists believe effectively erode them. The campaign features seven Triangle participants, each with a distinct disability and different sets of personal goals. Using custom, contextual photography and a series of bold, memorable hashtags, Korn visually highlighted the accomplishments of each individual, while maintaining a positive tone in keeping with Triangle’s brand positioning.

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