The Fenway

Located in the heart of Boston, The Fenway is the city’s most dynamic urban neighborhood. It’s an eclectic mix of thinkers, doers and taste-makers that offers access to everything urban dwellers need. The neighborhood is undergoing a revitalization and seeing a rich future of growth and renewed interest for residents and businesses.

Korn Design teamed up with real-estate developers Samuels & Associates to bring The Fenway to the forefront of people’s minds when they are thinking about where to live, locate their office or where to spend the day. The identity embraces the bustling nature of the neighborhood and celebrates its existing strengths by bringing them to center stage.

The Fenway identity was executed as a singular, connected mark, visually translating the many relationships throughout the area. The mark uses neon sign language to reference the around-the-clock nature of everything the neighborhood has to offer.

We expanded the typographic palette further when partnering with Best Dressed Signs to create a mural incorporating the phrase “There’s Never an Off Season.” Using the color palette in the identity, they interpreted the letters dimensionally in a way which wrapped the phrase and repeated it around the building.

We backed the new identity up with new content too. Follow The Fenway on  Twitter. The social media strategy was brought to life by partnering with Isenberg Projects

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