In the evergreen forests of Kensington, New Hampshire lives a very special that is Alnôba – a multidimensional retreat with a focus on leadership development, sustainability, wellness and community building. Conceived and created by the Lewis Family Foundation, and built on the land where their ancestors have resided for generations. This unique and inspiring destination features The Lodge ­– the first building in the Northeastern United States to meet the rigorous European Passive House standards for sustainability – alongside a world-class art and sculpture collection, including commissioned works by Andy Goldsworthy. This is also the home of LFF’s Pinnacle Leadership Center, a highly respected leadership development retreat with over 30 years of proven impact.

The word “Alnôba” originates from the spoken language of the Abenaki Native American tribe, who are indigenous to this particular land. Its meaning has no direct translation, but, in concept, it describes an individual’s growth and development in relationship to the place from which they were born.

Korn Design was engaged to develop the overarching strategic positioning to reflect Alnôba’s expansion as well as a brand identity system, tagline and key messaging. We spent time exploring the property, the area of Kensington, and immersing deeply into the history of the place itself and the importance that it holds to both the Abenaki and the Lewis Family. During the research phase, Korn discovered the work of an anthropologist who traveled the world documenting symbols across cultures that began to elucidate what can be described as a universal visual language – the same base forms and associated meanings were found in widely varied societies across the globe. Korn created an icon that arranges these base forms in a new way, and serves as a metaphor for cycles – of generations, of nature, and of community support and improvement. Korn paired this icon with a logotype specifically selecting the typeface Farnham designed by a New Hampshire native typographer Christian Schwartz, Commercial Type. To pair with the typographic elements of the brand identity we handprinted patterns with natural materials, in keeping with the philosophy that every expression of Alnôba be authentically of place, and universally welcoming.



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