Vesta holds a near and dear place in our hearts. 20 years ago, in 1997, Korn Design embarked on its first restaurant branding project for owner Josh Wolkon’s first restaurant, Vesta, in Denver’s LoDo. Not only was Korn helping to shape the concept of Josh’s “dream restaurant,” it so happens that Josh is also our principal, Denise Korn’s first cousin – making this a passion project. With this side of her family having a long history in the restaurant business, Vesta was the perfect opportunity to join Josh’s culinary vision and creativity with Korn’s branding and design to support the next generation’s jump into the business.

Choosing a killer location in the heart of downtown Denver, Josh established a warm and sensual place that has been a beloved favorite since he first opened the doors. This lovingly-restored industrial space beautifully reflects the warmth and sensuality of the Vesta experience. “I was 25 years old and driven by pure ambition to open my dream restaurant. Surrounded by young, energetic, passionate, and fun people, we created a destination restaurant before LoDo itself became a destination. The term ‘Vesta Vibe’ was coined and became the foundation for combining positive energy, genuine hospitality, philanthropy and fun,” Josh shared just prior to the relaunch of Vesta this year.

In celebration of Vesta’s 20th anniversary and to mark the arrival of Executive Chef, Nicholas Kayser, Korn Design embarked on a refresh of the Vesta identity to compliment refurbished interiors and chef’s creative interpretations of an award-winning menu.

The new brand identity reflects a Vesta that remains true to its origins and unique soul but in sync with its evolution. Its hallmarks include a fresh logotype that embodies the unique dichotomy that has kept Vesta relevant for 20 years – it is intentionally bold yet elegant, organic and welcoming but refined. The typography takes inspiration from vintage packaging of the early 1900’s and the location’s original occupant, the Millar Spice Factory and Coffee Company, but is re-pronounced as a new clean, hand-drawn type that proudly shines in a warm copper foil. Paried with this, hand-painted, distressed textures retain just enough of the rough and polish that Vesta exudes in its industrial setting and neighborhood.

Earning a place as a Denver go-to-favorite by deeply embracing life, serving up joy with hospitality, giving back to community, and sharing food with a side of fun, Vesta will continue to win hearts and appetites for generations to come!


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