Korn goes “Inside Out”

Korn Design participated in a portrait installation in Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood community as part of enigmatic artist JR’s global Inside Out Project. Since March of 2011, nearly 200,000 people in 112 countries have engaged in the project, from Pakistan to Ecuador to Haiti to Thailand. These large-scale photos are displayed in public areas where anyone is invited to view the installation for free. Learn more about the Inside Out Project at http://www.insideoutproject.net.

Kudos to Boston Properties for Having the Vision

Among the many reasons we love working with Boston Properties is their willingness to be bold with their vision- like the ability to see how acclaimed artist JR could use their iconic Back Bay tower as the canvas for this stunner public art installation, and moreover, foresee how embracing public art within our urban landscape can engage a community with new energy and delight. At Korn Design, we’re big fans of public art as a point of civic pride, and we’re glad to be wowed right in our own backyard.

Discover Ability

Korn Design partnered with Triangle, a nonprofit that empowers people with disabilities and their families to enjoy rich, fulfilling lives, to create a comprehensive awareness campaign focused on the idea that we are all people with ability. Discover ability at triangle-ability.org.

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