2007 – The Liberty Hotel

Unlocking Luxury

Why not? The creative brief was to transform The Charles Street Jail, unoccupied and derelict for 15 years, beside a hospital in a not-so-desirable side of town into a luxury hotel. Driven by the vision of developer Dick Friedman, Carpenter & Company, the brilliance of architect Gary Johnson and his team at C7A, with inspired interiors by Champalimaud, Korn joined the band to orchestrate a complete brand positioning and brand expression of this now reknowned, iconic and historic project.

The transformation of the site is the work of a team of designers and architects collaborating with historians and conservationists from the Massachusetts Historical Commission, the Boston Landmarks Commission, the National Park Service and the Boston Redevelopment Authority to ensure that the end result is a careful balance between preservation and dynamic new use.

This was a serious endeavor. The property did much more than bring an exciting new destination to the city, it opened up an entirely new gateway into downtown Boston, this historic redevelopment included a fully new Charles Street T Station, also designed by C7A, and helped to realize the refurbishment of the Teddy Ebersol fields on the Esplanade.

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