Design Museum Boston unveils Spring Pattern Walk

Korn Design was honored to be invited to participate in Design Museum Boston’s spring Pattern Walk, designing a piece to be on display in Channel Park as part of the Urban Innovation Program.

On April 25th, Design Museum Boston unveiled its Spring Pattern Walk, an installation of five patterned structures in Channel Park. This exhibit is only the first portion of the multi-year Urban Innovation Program, which works to demonstrate how the livability of a place can be enriched by design. Korn Design was asked to produce a pattern which would wrap one of the structures in the installation. The Korn project team, Designer, Alex Barbosa and Project Manager Sara Joyner, with support by visiting design intern Jack Milburn and Principal, Denise Korn, worked together to create their own pattern inspired by Boston’s neighborhoods, intricately intertwined by the rows and swirls of a conceptual map and linked by a highlighted path meant to symbolize the many routes of urban exploration. The finished product reflects the walkable nature of Boston’s distinct structure and celebrates the variety of life and culture contained by the beautiful linear pattern of city streets. This project was especially exciting for Korn Design, as the company has a long history of community engagement as well as a love of our own neighborhood, the South End. The exhibit, can be viewed now through August 1st in Channel Park.


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