• Derek Cascio and Sam Aquillano: Founders of Design Museum Boston

  • Frano Violich's killer Reeboks

  • Frano Violich, Co-Chair Digma and Clif Stolze, Designer Extraordinaire

  • Danielle Perretty and Richard Watson from Essential in front of their DIGMA Case Study

Design Means Business

Kudos to everyone on the Digma Board who hosted a great day of design thinking by pulling together a rich roster of designers, business leaders, and innovators from our home state of Massachusestts for the Design Means Business Conference at Reebok World Headquarters in Canton. In collaboration with designers from Reebok, Design Museum Boston mounted a great exhibit to parallel the dialogue in the presentations. Small visual case studies spanning a broad variety of design and communications projects came to life for the attendees. Momentum feels likes it’s finally here; let’s keep this Digma train rolling!

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