Unveiling The Base

This spring, Korn Design has been spending Sunday mornings at baseball practice.

But this Sunday, June 2nd, had to be the hottest of the year. Were these boys really begging for more sprints?

“We want it, June!” was the persistent appeal to coach and mentor Robert Lewis Jr. (a.k.a. Junior, June). The back of the Boston Astros’ tee shirts say, “Go Hard or Go Home”—and as they say, they want it. But how badly? This Roxbury-based baseball team of youth ages 13–19 has a lot to play for. For them, baseball is a respite from lives that offer a plethora of challenges. To paraphrase what Lewis Jr. said at a recent practice, when you’re on the field, the prejudices and inequalities of society disappear. And on his team, where lifelong values are taught alongside athletic technique, this always rings true. This narrative humbles the fact that these boys are some of the best baseball players in the city, winning tournaments on the national level, eyeing and being eyed by elite college and university teams.

Korn Design has been working closely with Lewis Jr. and his team to launch The Base, a new facility in Roxbury that uses the power of sports as an avenue for providing urban youth with opportunity, education, training, and encouragement. Junior’s boys are some of our toughest clients. That’s because we feel a deep responsibility towards them—a feeling that stems from the knowledge that if our work is successful, it will have the ability to create positive change in their lives.

The Base is representative of belief, hope, and love: that which Robert and his team give to their student-athletes as well as that which Korn Design is passionate to express to our city. This past Sunday we proudly unveiled The Base’s logo to the Astros community.

Check out our work for the Base here.

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