Youth Design ICA Workshop

Youth Design visited the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) and it was absolutely fantastic.

The morning started off on the grandstand overlooking the harbor. Youth Designers sat on the steps as Denise and Nikki Korn (Principal, Cause Consulting) started off the morning with a few words. Several Youth Designers stood up and shared how they’re progressing with their ideas for 2012 Youth Designers Take Action Design Competition and everyone had a short dialogue giving advice and discussing the process of creating a design for a cause.

Youth Designers were then split into 3 groups and led on a guided tour of the various exhibits on display at the ICA. Youth Designers were shown the permanent collection which included various photographic works, sculpture, and installations. They were then led to see the exhibition on view, titled “Some Pictures of the Infinite” by Josiah Mcehlheny. It was a really great experience for everyone and Youth Designers sparked some very insightful and thoughtful discussions with tour guides about the art and the message that it presented.

After the tour, the three groups congregated in the Art Lab for an hour-long meeting and general discussion. A few representatives of the ICA talked about teen programs available at the ICA. Following the ICA’s presentation, Denise took the stage and led a discussion with Youth Designers about their experiences at their internships so far. Youth Designers were invited to stand up and speak about their experience so far, how their expectations compare to the real thing, and anything else they wanted to reflect upon. It was a really great discussion with lots of sharing. Several Youth Designers who are in the program for their second year gave advice around dealing with struggles at work and how to be as efficient as possible.

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