• Youth Designers sketching custom shoe designs.

Youth Design Reebok Tour

As one of the Thursday Morning Workshops, Youth Design toured a company known for their athletic shoes, apparel and innovation since 1895, Reebok. Youth Design saw cutting edge fitness equipment in Reebok’s Cross Fit, and the freshest fashion and shoe designs on the creative floor.

Meeting with tradesmen who constructed shoes, both by hand and on the computer, Youth Designers received great advice on how to advance in the design field.

The tour finished with a scavenger hunt.  After being spilt into groups, scavenger hunt questions led Youth Designers between stations focused on color, innovation, graphic design, clothing trends, footwear trends and team building.

The groups played outdoor games as a team, chose color schemes for Reebok shoes, created classic clothing trends, arranged trend colors and saw the different stages of Reebok’s logo. After enjoying their scavenger haunt and delicious lunch Youth Designers were given Reebok book bags filled products and a coupon for a custom pair of Reeboks inside.

Youth Design would like to thank the PIC volunteers and all the staff at Reebok who made this possible!

Discover the power of a brave new brand.