OAK Long Bar & Kitchen


For more than 100 years, the restaurant and bar at the historic Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel in the heart of Boston’s Copley Square, has been a beloved icon of the city. Most recently called the Oak Room, it had a rich history, but had lost some of its luster and sales had declined dramatically. The challenge was to make the space relevant and compelling to modern audiences without losing its sense of history and grandeur.


Leveraging the elegance and reputation of the Fairmont Copley Plaza hotel, Korn Design renamed and positioned Oak Long Bar & Kitchen as a vibrant destination. Centering around the concept of a secret society, Oak’s identity system is deeply indebted to the space itself, which welcomes you with a sophisticated, lavish atmosphere that is luxurious without being fussy or overbearing. It sets the standard for high quality, which is maintained by the knowledgeable bartenders, top-notch kitchen staff and gracious hosts. Once you are inside the door, you are immediately inducted into the ranks of those in-the-know about this reinvigorated Boston institution.

4.5 stars out of five

High marks from over 500 guest reviews.

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