The Base

In many ways, The Base is an evolution: of a baseball team, of a community, of a legendary mentor and of the way we think about urban youth outreach in Boston and beyond. The Base is the new home of Robert Lewis Jr.’s Boston Astros, a premier center for youth support and development athletically, academically, and altruistically. Korn Design developed The Base’s visual identity, becoming part of Lewis Jr.’s growing and gifted team and helping to launch this inspiring project.

We were passionate about creating an identity that would resonate with the youth for whom it would represent a center of belief, hope, and love. We drew inspiration from a variety of youth cultures, especially in the immediate boldness of music, sports, and lifestyle brands. Then we got dirty, and executed the mark with a language that reflects both the grittiness of the sport and the ‘grit’ that it takes to persevere through difficult circumstances.


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