Comeback in the Back Bay

In 2016, owner and developer Boston Properties asked Korn Design to refresh the Prudential’s visual identity system, in concert with the opening of a new building at 888 Boylston Street and an ambitious re-imagining of its retail and restaurant offerings. Fueled by the boundless energy of maverick EVP, Bryan Koop, his fantastic Marketing Director, Laura Marchisi Sesody, and their amazing team, we were determined to bring a meaningful underpinning to the new PRU brand identity that would both proudly represent this fully reimagined place in the heart of the Back Bay and celebrate it as a lifestyle destination and landmark.

An iconic part of the Boston skyline for over half a century – and a vibrant business, retail and dining hub in the heart of historic Back Bay, The Prudential Center project demanded an identity as impressive as the place itself. Drawing inspiration from the convergence of architectural patterns, shapes of the façade, and the changing shadows and shapes created by light shifting throughout the day, Korn designed a bold new logotype that visualizes this Boston icon through the angular cropping of custom-designed letterforms, hand-drawn by KORNStar and incredible typographer, Maggie Putnam.

Korn was also asked to conceptualize a method of launching the new brand as the complex underwent construction, to indicate that something exciting was evolving. In answer, we created a series of interchangeable patterns, inspired by signature architectural details of The Prudential Center, as well as architecture, fashion, and the movement of people within the physical space, which were translated at different scales as a series of overlapping panels and applied in dynamic and varied compositions as the construction progressed.

Still powerfully in play, the new visual identity captures the energy and excitement of the Prudential Center Back Bay as it evolves into its next century of influence. It is a perfect reflection of this new shining and dynamic place in the heart – and hearts – of Boston.

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