2012 – The Base

Success Lives Here

Loves runs deep when we talk about our work with Robert Lewis Jr. and The Base. It was just five years ago that The Base was launched in Roxbury with a mantra of “changing minds, lives and the status quo.” Born of the legacy of the Boston Astros baseball program that Robert began in Boston’s Villa Victoria public housing community in the 1970’s, ours was a small role in the dynamic vision of bringing The Base to life. Our primary hope: that we could craft a brand to do justice to The Base culture and deep spirit – most importantly create something these young people would be proud to wear to represent The Base, both on and off the field, serving, here in Boston and beyond. So we started there – asking the kids for their insights on what The Base means to them – and took it from there.. Success does live within each of us – this big takeaway proved that there was no one better to establish our strategic brief than the young people The Base empowers and serves.

In many ways, The Base is an evolution: of a baseball team, of a community, of a legendary mentor, and of the way we think about urban youth outreach in Boston and beyond. The Base is the new home of Robert Lewis Jr.’s Boston Astros, and a premier national urban youth training academy, which combines sports and academic opportunities to enable kids to develop athletically, academically, and altruistically.

Korn Design developed The Base’s visual identity with a passion to create a brand that would resonate with urban youth and mindfully represent a center of belief, hope, and love. We drew inspiration from a variety of youth cultures, especially in the immediate boldness of music, sports, and lifestyle brands. Then we got dirty and executed the mark with a language that reflects both the grittiness of the sport and the “grit” it takes to persevere and be great no matter what.

Robert Lewis chose to have a special “unveiling” of the new brand to the players at the field. On a glorious spring day, The Base brand was debuted, with the young people moved to see first-hand how their imprint was all over the outcome. Now celebrating its 5th anniversary, Korn is beyond proud of The Base, its amazing young people, and its leadership where it matters.

The Base’s Mission: The Base operates a premier national urban youth academy that combines sports and academic opportunities through a methodology that cultivates excellence, belief and love. We make the invisible, visible and shine a spotlight on the limitless potential of our young people. Learn more:

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