2010 – The Palm Restaurant Group

So the phone rings and it’s Bruce Bozzi, fourth generation of the family-owned and beloved Palm Restaurants. Did you know that The Palm was first opened on the East Side of Manhattan in 1921 by Italian immigrants from Parma? The legacy and history behind this storied family of restaurants is palpable. Bruce had called to talk to us about developing a new website for the company. Fast forward to 2010 Korn worked closely with Bruce and his entire team relaunch a complete brand refresh for The Palm Restaurant Group – across 25 restaurants in the U.S. and Mexico, to secure it’s place for generations to come.

We started by talking with Bruce’s father, Bruce Bozzi, Sr. and uncle Wally Ganzi to gain their confidence and permission to help steward their family legacy. We then dug deep, collecting memorabilia from the very early days and interviewing team members with upwards of 30+ years with the company. Our approach was to peel back to the essence of what The Palm stands for, what is core to its loyal following after so many years, and its relevance in today’s market. The result was powerful.

With its enduring legacy in mind, we redrew the original Palm logotype referencing original menus and matchbooks we found on E-Bay. We also created a hand-written typeface, signature to The Palm.

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