1997-2017 – Our First Restaurant

VESTA, 20 years + counting!

More than 21 years ago I was visiting with family for Thanksgiving when I noticed a business plan sitting on the coffee table. My cousin Josh Wolkon had developed an innovative restaurant concept that he was calling the Vesta Dipping Grill and was raising seed funding to bring it to life. Having left the northeast to be a ski bum in Colorado, Vesta found it’s home in LODO a then emerging neighborhood in downtown Denver. I was in!

A full-on collaboration with Korn Design ensued and Josh embraced every detail of the process from the interior design of this raw and industrial space to driving the brand’s evolution. Way ahead of his time, Josh had a vision for this industrial space and the opportunity for what Denver was missing on the food scene. Vesta, the goddess of fire and hearth, would be his muse and inspiration for open-fire-grilled fresh meats, fish and veggies skewered and paired with inspired dipping sauces spiced with global influences. Vesta quickly became a beloved and iconic restaurant to the city of Denver and Josh a familiar face and philanthropic leader in the community.

With their 20th Anniversary on the horizon, Josh reached back out to see if we would help them refresh the Vesta brand and secure it for years to come. Vesta has grown up but it has not lost the spot it has earned in the hearts of its loyal guests. With it’s sexy new look and inspiring fresh take on the menu, we celebrate the success and many years of hard work, dedication to community and amazing culinary excellence that Vesta has delivered for 20 years. You can check out the new brand story here and enjoy the scrapbook of photos from 20 years together.

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