2018 – Civic Hotel

Civic Rising: A City-Centre-d Hotel Ascends

Though proximate to Vancouver, Surrey BC is far from a suburb. Rather, it’s a vibrant connected crossroads of business and culture – and well on its way to becoming British Columbia’s next great city. Rising in a central site fronting the new Civic Plaza, the Civic Hotel set its sights on anchoring and defining this ascending downtown core with a visionary welcoming social and business hub. So with a SkyTrain pass in hand and vibrant planned urban center before us, we set out to capture the abundant opportunity present here in a brand that confidently leaned in.

Struck by its imposing presence – rising 24 stories with expansive sight lines directly onto an interconnected series of public plazas – Korn issued a bold invitation with the brand, showcasing the modern connectivity of the place, while holding true to its rich British Columbia roots. With its very public profile and energetic ethos, Korn dialed into the hotel as the social hub of this walkable community, favoring a commanding logo, pops of color, and key touchpoints to signal its vibrant central role.

With deep roots in the neighborhood, and a commitment to community design, client Century Group rallied behind the brand injecting local spirited local flavor into everything from F+B to art installations. In so doing, they not only built Surrey’s first world-class boutique hotel, they also created with Korn, a truly stunning brand that underscores the value of its new City Centre.

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