2017 – The DIPLOMAT Beach Resort

“When you work with Korn Design you’re going to get huge commitment. You’re going to get a very collaborative effort. You’re going to get a team who is fully engaged and cares about every detail along the process. It’s really a long-term partnership – with Korn continuing to dedicating the right resources where it matters. I think those are really important attributes when you select an agency.”

– Shai Zelering
Managing Director, Brookfield Properties – Real Estate, Hospitality

We simply love working with Brookfield’s Property Group, their incredible team and Managing Director, Shai Zelering, their fearless, super smart and creative leader. Responsible for The Diplomat’s magnificent rebirth, his vision and his team’s ability to transform signature properties into independent flagship destinations is truly notable. Sharing a long history of collaborating with Shai on projects over the years, the mutual trust and healthy creative tension when our teams join forces never fails to realize amazing results.

We embarked on a multi-year adventure to holistically reimagine and create an entirely new brand experience for The Diplomat Beach Resort. Like a breath of fresh air, together we returned the friendly charisma and vibrancy of an iconic seaside resort back to this place – debuting a Hollywood Florida legend, reborn. Thank you Shai, for your passion and vision – and for inviting us to join you on these magnificent journeys.

Dipping into its treasured past and writing a completely new and evolved narrative, Korn Design re-branded and helped to re-introduced the all-new Diplomat Beach Resort – re-igniting this storied place with a fresh exuberance. Central to the transformation was restoring its legendary standing as a magnetic social hub – re-gaining its buzzy reputation for great food, great entertainment and simply fun, beachside, revealing its true potential at every turn.

Diving deeply into the reaches of the original resort’s allure, we laid claim to the authentic Diplomat experience by crafting a brand that evokes the best of beachside living with a reminiscent twist. An enduring place for generations to come.

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“For the Diplomat, we wanted to bring back the essence and unique DNA of the hotel. Creatively, that meant asking, ‘how do you reintroduce a complex project like this with such a long history? We were extremely pleased [with Korn’s answer.] Everything from bringing “ beach resort” into the name, to the careful font selection, to the fresh new color palette, to the copy, was done not out of the blue, but out of deep immersion in the field, research and analysis of what is important, and what would get us to a successful repositioning. They care about every detail.”
– Shai Zelering

Managing Director, Brookfield Properties – Real Estate, Hospitality

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