2016 – HALCYON A Hotel in Cherry Creek

Unhooked from the Ordinary

From its surprisingly residential-inspired lobby to its rooftop perch to the hideaway of the guestrooms, HALCYON, A Hotel in Cherry Creek is luxurious, inviting, modern—an extraordinary hotel-home with a magnetic and magical pull. Like the flock of birds that fly free within the visual identity system, everywhere the air of Colorado ease is palpable and the experience is, quite simply, off the hook.

Stepping across the threshold of HALCYON’s front door instantly conveys the feeling of entering a friend’s fabulous home as a very welcomed guest. Warm, welcoming, and extremely comfortable – with considerate attention to the small stuff – HALCYON, which debuted September 2016, tends to all of the senses in a hotel that revolves around ensuring every creature comfort and taking it all up a notch.

Korn riffed on the hotel-as-home thread with a brand strategy that elevates the concept and engages in surprising ways, richly layered, like the hotel itself. Unlike with friends, guests can never outstay their welcome here.

Starting with the name: “halcyon” has multiple meanings that in combination, summon up a new kind of place. Drawing equally from its definition as a mythical bird fabled to calm the seas and its representation of idyllic happiness, carefree tranquility and prosperity, HALCYON connotes “a feeling.”

The visual identity embraces this at its core. A curated collection of icons speak to nature, luxe lifestyle, fashion and living with ease, all intended to capture the essence of the Halcyon experience – imbued with the ease of Colorado’s lifestyle and the air and grace of a different kind of luxury hotel. Working closely with esteemed interior design firm AvroKO, Korn introduced an interplay of signature brand touchpoints.

Halcyon is intentionally unhooked from the ordinary in all the best ways, as is our long-running collaboration and partnership with the client team from Sage Hospitality. This relationship has been behind so many pivotal shared projects in the hotel and restaurant space – together we push each other’s team to go deeper, think broader and then go back and push it again. Being bold together is fun, inspiring and a packs a huge return.

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