As we turn the corner and look to an exciting year ahead, we are having fun reflecting on some of the more adventurous journeys we have embarked on over the years. Charting new territories was clearly in our DNA from the start: whether bringing luxury cashmere to e-commerce in the early 2000’s or injecting an British-inspired cosmopolitan flair into a saturated boutique hotel market stateside, we were on a mission to align with equally adventurous clients and share each journey to somewhere new.

2001 –
Check out our first foray onto the World Wide Web! Richard Forté, the third generation of the Forté family leaders and innovators in the world of luxury yarns, was interested in creating an e-commerce experience for Forté and make their cashmere garments, of unparalleled luxury and quality available online. He called Korn. View Project >

2006 & 2008 – The London Hotels
In the mid-2000’s, the invitation to help create and launch The London Hotel brand with the incredible development team at Blackstone was a true gift – a celebration of our sweet spot. It was a memorable moment in time when boutique hotel concepts were having their heyday and the market was pretty cluttered and confused. Our vision was to disrupt by migrating the independent hotel experience up the food chain into the luxury lifestyle space. View Project >

2012 – DUVINE Cycling & Adventure Co.
The divine Andy Levine of DuVine turned to Korn to help him re-tool their brand identity and communications to better reflect the world-class adventures and guest experiences DuVine had become known for across the globe. We embarked on a shared adventure to re-brand the company with a hot new visual identity, web site, print collateral and apparel – celebrating the vibrant style of a DuVine excursion and setting free the fun from within, Andy style. View Project >

2016 – HALCYON A Hotel in Cherry Creek
From its surprisingly residential-inspired lobby to its rooftop perch to the hideaway of the guestrooms, HALCYON, A Hotel in Cherry Creek is luxurious, inviting, modern—an extraordinary hotel-home with a magnetic and magical pull. Like the flock of birds that fly free within the visual identity system, everywhere the air of Colorado ease is palpable and the experience is, quite simply, off the hook. View Project >

2017 – The DIPLOMAT Beach Resort
We simply love working with Brookfield’s Property Group, their incredible team and their fearless, super smart and creative leader Managing Director, Shai Zelering. Responsible for The Diplomat’s magnificent rebirth, his vision and his team’s ability to transform signature properties into independent flagship destinations is truly notable. Sharing a long history of collaborating with Shai and the wonderful Jennifer Rutkowski, VP of Sales + Marketing, on projects over the years, the mutual trust and healthy creative tension when our teams join forces never fails to realize amazing results.

We embarked on a multi-year adventure to holistically reimagine and create an entirely new brand experience for The Diplomat Beach Resort. Like a breath of fresh air, together we returned the friendly charisma and vibrancy of an iconic seaside resort back to this place – debuting a Hollywood Florida legend, reborn. Thank you Shai, for your passion and vision – and for inviting us to join these magnificent journeys. View Project >

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