Community sits at the core of all that we do, and have done, for over two decades. In this Issue #5 we focus our memories on our own backyard. Korn Design is proud to continue to champion the creative economy in our home town. We have been honored to work with extraordinary, incredibly smart, visionary, and bold leaders, clients, activists, artists, volunteers, teachers and young talent here in our community – together, celebrating the city we love.

2019 – Four Seasons Private Residences One Dalton Street, Boston: A Stunning Testament to This Great City
From nearly any vantage point, from miles away in all directions, you can spot the new Four Seasons Private Residences One Dalton Street, Boston ascending into the Boston skyline. It was a simple, yet brilliant, idea to colorfully light up the crane that we would all see throughout the duration of this significant construction – and shine a spotlight on the new Boston rising. For nearly 21 years we have been working closely – and trying to keep in step with – the visionary behind One Dalton, President and CEO Richard Friedman of Carpenter & Company, whose dynamic point of view and unique approach to all of his company’s developments makes for a great match with Korn’s dedication to fearlessly craft smart brand experiences that make a mark on the world stage. View Project >

2013 – The FENWAY Neighborhood: Now There Truly is “Never An Off Season”
Today, we can all agree that the Fenway neighborhood is a hot and exciting place to be anytime of day. In 2013, on the cusp of this massive development flow, Korn Design teamed up with real-estate developer and fearless creative Steve Samuels and his team at Samuels & Associates on one of the most “off-the-hook” placemaking assignments we could have imagined: to help to bring The Fenway to the forefront of people’s minds as a distinctive neighborhood when they are thinking about where to live, locate their office or simply relax. Our strategy– bring to light the tried and true vibrancy and eccentric character of this neighborhood and its residents to let the neighborhood speak for itself. Bordered on one side by Kenmore Square and The Charles River and on the other by the Fens and The Emerald Necklace, and powered by cutting edge music, entertainment, a kick-ass culinary scene, green spaces and fun, this is The Fenway that lived under the radar for decades. A neighborhood that will always be proud to call Fenway Park and The Red Sox neighbors, but not the only thing that defines it. Korn’s unconventional approach kicked into high gear with a guerilla messaging campaign, an aggregator website to give all the amazing residents a voice, and killer leading-edge partners in Isenberg Projects and Best Dressed Signs. The rest is history . . . View Project >

2016 – Prudential Center Back Bay: Comeback in the Back Bay
In 2016, owner and developer Boston Properties asked Korn Design to refresh the Prudential’s visual identity system, in concert with the opening of a new building at 888 Boylston Street and an ambitious re-imagining of its retail and restaurant offerings. Fueled by the boundless energy of maverick EVP, Bryan Koop, his fantastic Marketing Director, Laura Marchisi Sesody, and their amazing team, we were determined to bring a meaningful underpinning to the new PRU brand identity that would both proudly represent this fully reimagined place in the heart of the Back Bay and celebrate it as a lifestyle destination and landmark.
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2012 – The BASE: Hitting it Out of the Park
Love runs deep when we talk about our work with Robert Lewis Jr. and The Base. It was just five years ago that The Base was launched in Roxbury with a mantra of “changing minds, lives and the status quo.” Born of the legacy of the Boston Astros baseball program that Robert began in Boston’s Villa Victoria public housing community in the 1970’s, ours was a small role in the dynamic vision of bringing The Base to life. Our primary hope: that we could craft a brand to do justice to The Base culture and deep spirit – most importantly create something these young people would be proud to wear to represent The Base, both on and off the field, serving, here in Boston and beyond. So we started there – asking the kids for their insights on what The Base means to them – and took it from there. Success does live within each of us – this big takeaway proved that there was no one better to establish our strategic brief than the young people The Base empowers and serves. View Project >

2015 – ENVOY Hotel: This Way Forward
The ENVOY opened in 2015 as one of the first new developments in the now thriving Seaport. As an “envoy” or emissary of the creative and cutting-edge “innovation district,” The Envoy stands as a beacon for locals and travelers alike who are seeking what’s next. Drawing from the intriguingly intimate scale and siting – with tremendous views towards Boston’s skyline, the harbor and waterways – the brand evolved to embrace this optimistic new place and signal change, bringing a fresh point of view to evolving Boston. With its killer rooftop perch and location – from the get-go, The ENVOY earned its spot in every season.
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